Introducing: Tip & Sip Mobile Bar Co.

How do you take a $600 horse trailer and turn it into a mobile bar fit for weddings? We caught up with Tip & Sip owner, Trina Knighten, to find out how. Hint: you might need a little help from family.

If you were to create a mobile business that gave adults the same feeling that kids get when they see an ice cream truck, what would it look like and what would it serve?

Well, Trina Knighten has taken that very question and answered it in the form of Tip & Sip Mobile Bar Co.

Inspired by her children, built with family, and shared with her community, Tip & Sip is a fantastic example of how mobile bars often represent so much more than a drinks service.

Despite her busy schedule, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Trina to find out more about her mobile bar’s origins, and what she has in store moving forward.


Hi Trina! First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! Let's start with your background and can you tell us what inspired you to start your own mobile bar business?

My 3 children and the local ice cream truck are the reason for starting Tip & Sip Mobile Bar Co.!  

When my kids were younger, we'd always hear the dreaded ice cream truck coming around the block, sparking excitement in the local neighborhood.

Exasperated, I'd always say out loud, 'someone needs to make a margarita truck!'

That went on for years. Those kids are now 27, 23 & 21.

Adorable horse trailer bars and camper bars started showing up on my Pinterest and I thought, 'well, this must be a sign'.'"

The Tip & Sip trailer looking glorious in royal blue

Ha! Awesome origin story! Once you had decided to take that step, what was the process like buying and building your mobile bar?

"We bought our trailer in October of 2021 for $600.

Building initially meant ripping up the floor and going to town on all the rust.

Our trailer is 49 years old so there was plenty built up.

We started the conversion in the fall and as we moved into winter, when it got to be freezing, we had to hang it up.

Our build was primarily completed by family - my brother, my husband, myself, my daughter and one son.

It was tough, but we made it in the end by working together."

What have you enjoyed most about running a mobile bar business? Any favorite milestones or steps of the journey so far?

"The one thing I enjoy most about our business is that we're family ran and that I get to share it with them.

My favorite milestone was our very first wedding, and since that day, we haven’t looked back!"

A bar this good looking often becomes the centerpiece of weddings

"Our build was primarily completed by family - my brother, my husband, myself, my daughter and one son.
It was tough, but we made it in the end by working together."

What has been your biggest challenge in launching and running a mobile bar business?

"The biggest challenge has been getting our name out there to our community.

We’re always working on marketing and spreading the word about Tip & Sip and our services"

With marketing a key goal for Trina, she makes sure that she is active across all social media channels

What are your upcoming plans for the business and what are you most looking forward to this year?

"We're looking forward to finishing out a busy summer.

We have a few open weekends left in fall ‘23 and our books are now open for 2024!

We also do weekday events, so whatever you’re planning, send us a message and we’ll let you know what we can do!"

Amazing! Thank you Trina for chatting with us and wishing you all the best for the future!

If you're hosting an event in Washington state and are looking for a bar service that will live long in the memory of your guests, reach out to Tip & Sip Mobile Bar Co. here.

Discuss your requirements, request a quote and secure your date simply and securely via Roll To!

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