Roll To FAQs

Explore questions relating to hiring a mobile bar for your next event, best practices for booking a mobile bar, how to list your mobile business on Roll To and many more Frequently Asked Questions about our platform

What is Roll To?


Roll To is a platform for event organizers to search, contact and book mobile bars for their next celebration.

The Roll To platform includes everything from huge Airstream cocktail bars and converted horse trailers to small scooter bars and ice cream carts.  

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, birthday party or backyard BBQ, you’ll find unique, beautiful bar options on Roll To.

Why was Roll To launched as a mobile bar marketplace?


Roll To is designed specifically for the mobile bar community. We want to showcase mobile bars and mobile bars alone, cutting out all of the other noise. That means event organizers find what they’re looking for and bar owners gain quality leads.

There are multiple platforms that cater to the wedding sector. Our aim is to connect mobile bar owners with organizers of all types of events, from corporate parties and brand activations to festivals, birthday parties and, of course, weddings too.

Questions for Mobile Bar Owners

Who can sign up to list their mobile bar on Roll To?


So, you're interested in joining Roll To as a mobile bar owner. Welcome!

To get started and begin booking events, you'll need to create an account and at least one mobile bar listing.

It's easy and free to do - just go to our signup page, enter your email address, name, and a password, and click "sign up ". It's that easy.

Please note,
we take the quality of our mobile bar listings very seriously. So, to maintain a high level, your completed profile will be vetted by our team before being published.

You’ll also need to complete the following steps before you can book events and get paid:

Upload a copy of your General Liability insurance coverage here (link to Tally)
Add your Pay Out details via your Account Settings

How much does it cost to join Roll To?


Joining Roll To is free! We're committed to providing a service that is free to use for mobile bar owners. Click here to create your Roll To account (it takes less than 30 seconds!)

We don't believe in charging mobile bar owners a subscription fee without guaranteeing them more gigs, so we only charge our members a Service Fee when they get booked through Roll To.  

The Service Fee goes towards the costs of marketing our members, maintaining and improving the site, and providing mobile bar owners with booking support.  

This fee is always 15% and we pride ourselves on being completely transparent on how much you're taking home and how much goes to Roll To.

Who can sign up to be a part of the Roll To platform?


As a general rule, if your bar, cart, scooter, trailer or truck rolls into events, we’d love to have you list it on Roll To!

Check out our current listings for examples of the types of bars booking events through our platform right now.  

Not sure if your bar fits the bill? Drop our founder a line on – we’d love to chat and see if your business is a good fit.  

*If we come across a listing that doesn’t meet our standards, we may exercise our discretion to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel the account.

4.     How do I create a listing?


After signing up or logging in to Roll To, click on ‘+ Add your mobile bar’ in the top right of your screen. From here, you can follow the steps to create a new listing.  

If you need to edit your listing at any time, navigate to your main profile page by clicking on the circular photo, also in the top right of your screen.  

Choose ‘Your listings’ and select the listing that you would like to edit.

5.     Can I make more than one mobile bar listing?


Yes! We know that many owners operate more than one mobile bar. We want you to showcase them all.  

Once you’ve signed up for a main profile, you can create as many individual listings as you would like. That way you can include relevant photos, information, availability, and pricing for each of your bars.  

Event organizers can navigate to all of your listings from your main profile page.

6.     What information should I include in my Roll To listing?


Each mobile bar listing on Roll To should provide the basic details event organizers will need to confidently request a booking.  

These basics include: a collection of quality photos, the mobile bar’s availability calendar, locations you serve, FAQs, and a comprehensive description of the services you offer.

We encourage owners to also add their own detailed description of what sets their mobile bar company apart. Clients love to know the history of your trailer, your story, and any other details you think will make your bar stand out.

You’ll have a chance to respond to specific questions prior to clients booking your bar, but the best listings will provide the majority of what folks need to know already.

7.     Will I ever be charged for listing on Roll To?


No. Listing on Roll To is, and always will be, free of charge. Roll To only charges mobile bar owners a commission on booked events.

For more information on the Roll To Service Fee click here.

8.     How to add FAQs to your listing


When creating or editing your listing, you can write your own FAQs for each bar that you operate.

In the ‘Extra Info’ tab on your listing, click on ‘+ Add a new question’. Here you can write as many Frequently Asked Questions, followed by their answers, as you’d like.  

This is a great way to make prospective clients aware of extra information or questions that you’ve regularly answered in the past.

9.     What makes a great listing?


Accuracy – Setting realistic expectations with a detailed profile and accurate listing information is important. A full description with photos and specific details on mobile bar services, what is/isn’t included in your event packages and answers to Frequently Asked Questions will make prospective clients more comfortable reaching out to you.  

Great photos – Something we love about the mobile bar industry is just how good everyone’s set-ups look. We could scroll our listings for days!

But, that means your photos need to be of a high standard too. It’s worth partnering with a pro who can capture your bar from all of the best angles. Pictures from various types of events, in the day and the night, indoors and out, allow event organizers to picture themselves getting served at your bar. Better photos mean more bookings!

A complete listing – FAQs, Add-ons, up to date calendar, pricing all paint a clearer picture for our users. The more information you provide, the more likely clients are to reach out.  

Strong communication – Having a good-looking listing is just the beginning. When an event organizer reaches out, it’s important to be as responsive as possible. Quick, accurate, friendly replies could be the difference between confirming a booking or not.

10.     Do I need to add pricing?


Adding a minimum price is not required but doing so does allow us to recommend your bar to event organizers with appropriate budgets, increasing your booking conversion rate, and saving you time.

We know that every event and client is different, so you’ll still be able to provide a bespoke quote for each inquiry you receive. However, displaying a minimum price guide for your potential clients gives you a number of benefits:

· Secure more inquiries. Research shows that clients who see upfront prices are much more likely to inquire than those who have no indication of how much the quote they receive will be.

· Your clients will be more likely to book. Displaying a minimum price increases the chances that you’ll be matched with a ‘qualified lead’ – someone who can afford your services and is therefore much more likely to end up booking you.

· Reduce speculative inquiries. It’s annoying when event organizers inquire speculatively, submitting details just to get an idea of prices, and then not responding when you send them a quote. If clients can see this information up-front, they can continue browsing Roll To until they’re ready to reach out, rather than wasting your time asking for quotes.

21.     Why are payments split up?


We want the booking experience to be as painless as possible for both the mobile bar owner and the event organizer.  

Allowing clients to spread their payment across 2 installments means less up-front payment and therefore a greater likelihood that they go ahead and commit to your booking.  

At the same time, we want you to feel comfortable planning for and travelling to events. So, we distribute your first payout immediately.  

We’ll also assist in reminding your client when their final payment is due, 21 days prior to your event date.  

22.     What are the costs associated with booking my bar through Roll To?


Roll To collects 15% from the total event booking price as a Service Fee. This charge helps to cover platform software, the costs linked to marketing your bar(s), our support infrastructure, and our electronic payout services.

23.     Why does Roll To collect its fee from mobile bar owners only?


In order to increase booking conversions, we've designed our payment model to be as simple and transparent as possible for event bookers. This means providing event organizers the total price, up-front, on their event invoice.  

To compensate for this charge, we encourage mobile bar owners to quote rates which ensure that every payout aligns with your expectations.

24.     How do I add my payment details?


In order to receive payouts from Roll To, you’ll need to add your payment details.

After logging in to your account, navigate to your profile page. From here, select Account Settings and then Payout Details.

We’ll need your Account Type, Account No., and Routing No. in order to send payouts to you.  

Our payment processor, Stripe Connect, may require additional details to verify your account.  

Stripe Connect is trusted by the world’s leading online marketplaces to issue payouts to vendors.

25.     Can I be paid outside of the Roll To platform?


Events booked via Roll To should be paid for via the Roll To platform.  

Payments made outside of Roll To are not protected by our Refund or Cancellation Policy, or our Terms & Conditions. Any amendments to your event invoice should be communicated though the Roll To platform. That way, we have a secure record of the communications between you and your client, and can assist with any disputes.

26.     Why can’t I add my website or contact details to my listing or profile page?


In our Terms of Service we ask all of our mobile bar owners to refrain from directing clients off the platform using contact details or external URLs, as this undermines our business model and reduces the security of the site.

Our top priority is to secure bookings for our mobile bar owners. The platform is free to use, so the only way we recover marketing and support costs is through the Service fee we collect when we help you win a booking.

For this reason, sending contact details or directing customers to other websites can result in a permanent ban from the platform.

By booking events through the Roll To platform, you also benefit from:
·       a secure record of all communication with the client should a dispute arise
·       guaranteed deposits on every booking
·       guaranteed payment after gigs
·       a platform-wide cancellation policy and assistance with dispute resolution
·       automatic invoicing and payment notifications
·       automatic review gathering after bookings

27.     Do I need to be insured?


Yes. We require all mobile bar owners to provide evidence of General Liability insurance prior to booking an event.  

Failure to provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage will result in your listing failing to be approved.

You can upload evidence of your insurance coverage here.

28.     How to review an event organizer


After completing an event, you’ll be asked to review your client. This helps to build trust on our platform and grow the platform with safety and transparency.

Simply follow the link in the email that you’ll receive post-event, rate your event organizer, and leave a comment to let others know about your experience.  

We’ll ask your client to do the same, allowing you to build reputation and trust on the Roll To platform.  

29.     How do I delete my account?


You can delete your account at any time by contacting us directly here.

30.     How do I report suspicious or unwanted behavior?


We take your safety and security seriously. Please report any suspicious or unwanted behavior immediately by contacting us directly here.

31.     Good questions to ask clients


When communicating with an event organizer, there are several details that we recommend confirming in writing, prior to confirming their booking.  
-       What are the start and end times of the event?
-       How many guests will be in attendance?
-       Exact location and set-up instructions.
-       Are there any accessibility notes when bringing in your bar?
-       Does the event organizer possess the relevant permits to host an event, and serve alcohol (if necessary)?

32.     Am I required to list my mobile bar exclusively with Roll To?


No. We understand the importance of using different channels and platforms to market your mobile bar, and we have no requirement of exclusivity.

However, we do ask that that all booking requests that originate on Roll To stay within Roll To.

Questions for Event Organizers

1.     How Roll To works


Our aim is to make finding and booking a mobile bar as easy as possible. We’ve broken the process down into 3 steps.

1. Browse, contact, book.
Search for mobile bars by event location, mobile bar type, calendar availability or price. You can also use our map view for an overview of which business is located.  

When you’re ready to reach out to a mobile bar, simply fill in your basic event details plus a message about your event. For the best experience, we suggest comparing quotes from multiple bars.

Use the direct messaging system to discuss details and when everything is set, the bar owner will send over an invoice and payment link.  

No hidden fees or charges. What you’re quoted by a vendor is what you pay.

All payments are handled safely and securely via our online payment processor Stripe. Take care of payment and your event date is secured!

2. Message, plan, collaborate.

As your big day approaches, you can continue the conversation via the Roll To platform.

Coordinate any final menu, venue & package details.

Change of plan? We’ll be on hand to assist and make sure your event runs smoothly.

3. Drink, eat, relax.Whether you’ve booked a charming coffee cart, a handsome horse trailer bar, or a tasty tap truck, it’s time to enjoy your event.

When it’s finished, leave a review & let us know that you’re happy with your experience.

We’ll handle final payment to your bar. Cheers to that!

2.     How to submit your event details


When you’ve found a bar that you’re interested in, you can make a booking request by filling out some basic details and selecting the ‘Request to book’ button to the right of the listing page.  

The mobile bar owner will receive a notification about your event submission and have 7 days to respond before the inquiry expires.  

For the best experience, we suggest reaching out to and comparing quotes from multiple bars.

3.     How to respond to a mobile bar owner’s message


When a mobile bar responds to your booking request, we’ll notify you by email and via your Roll To inbox.

Simply navigate to your inbox and type your message back as you would in a regular chat board or direct messaging service.

4.     What happens if my date is unavailable?


Our mobile bars are popular! That means dates can sometimes be marked as unavailable by your bar owner.  

This typically means that the bar has already been booked via the Roll To platform, booked elsewhere, or the mobile bar is simply unavailable.  

If you feel the bar is absolutely perfect for your event, we recommend checking back regularly to see if your event date opens up.  

There is also no harm in submitting your event details for a different date and beginning a conversation with your chosen bar. They may be able to open up their availability for you.

5.     How much does it cost to book a mobile bar through Roll To?


A mobile bar’s booking fee varies depending on a number of factors.

These include date, event duration, guest count, how far they are required to travel for the event, service type, add-ons and more.

Whilst we ask mobile bar owners to include minimum pricing as a guideline, the best way to get accurate quotes is to make an inquiry directly.  

There is no Service Fee for event organizers to make a booking through Roll To. The price you are quoted by a mobile bar owner is the price that you pay!

6.     How do I report suspicious or unwanted behavior?


Please report any suspicious or unwanted behavior to our founder directly on

7.     How do I contact a mobile bar?


You can browse Roll To listings by location, mobile bar type, mobile bar availability, service type and more. Check out photos, important information, service add-ons, minimum prices and FAQs about your bar.  

Once you find a bar you’re interested in, you can send a booking request including basic information about your event such as date, guest count, location, service required, plus a message with further info. Your chosen bar can use our direct messaging tool to respond with answers, questions of their own, and to exchange details.  

Discuss the details of your event and when you’re ready to commit to a booking, request an invoice. Upon receipt of your payment link, follow the instructions to pay for your booking via our secure payment processor, Stripe.

Once payment is completed, you can continue to discuss the event via our in-platform instant messaging service.

Easy, safe & secure!

8.     Why isn’t alcohol included in my event quote?


The majority of mobile bars listed on the Roll To platform are not licensed to sell alcohol. That means they can only serve alcohol which has been pre-bought by the event organizer.  

This actually has several benefits for you as the event organizer.

-       It's cheaper. Store bought alcohol is going to be much kinder on your wallet than regular bar or venue prices. Purchasing from Bevmo, Costco or your local supermarket can really help your bottom line. Typically, mobile bars cannot and should not upcharge you for drinks, meaning you'll be paying supermarket prices for top quality drinks service.  

-       Greater selection/variation. If you're doing the shopping, the only constraint is your imagination! Remember to check with your bar owner to see if they have different service prices for cocktails or more extravagant mixed drinks. Mobile bars will typically work closely with you on a shopping list and a drinks calculator per guest, as well as providing necessary non-alcoholic extras such as ice, garnishes, cups, barware etc.  

-       You keep any leftovers! At the end of your event, you can hang on to any extra, unused product. Take back to the store for a refund or keep it for yourself!

You should always check with your event venue or local municipality on regulations around serving and consuming alcohol at your event.

9.     How to review your mobile bar experience


A few days after your event is finished, we’ll send you over an email to collect your thoughts and a review of your mobile bar.  

Simply follow the link in the email that you’ll receive post-event, rate your mobile bar, and leave a comment to let others know about your experience.  

We’ll ask your mobile bar to do the same.  

The Roll To community is built on connections and trust so we appreciate you leaving honest feedback that will help others with their booking decisions.

10.     How to change or update event details after paying for a booking


Updating an invoice will need to be done by the mobile bar owner you have booked with.  

Using the instant messaging service on the Roll To platform, you can request that a mobile bar owner edits, cancels or sends you a brand-new invoice.  

Remember to make requests on the Roll To platform as communication outside of this means we cannot assist with disputes, cancellations, or refund requests.

11.     Are mobile bars insured?


Yes! All mobile bars listed on the Roll To platform are required to provide proof of General Liability insurance before making a mobile bar booking.

12.     How do payments work?


Upon receipt of your payment link, follow the instructions to pay for your booking via our secure payment processor, Stripe. Once payment is completed, you can continue to discuss the event via instant messaging.

Event organizers booking a date more than 21 days away will be charged 50% of their total invoice at the time of booking, and the final 50% balance at the 21 days to event mark.

E.g. If you are quoted a total invoice price of $1000, you will pay $500 at the time of booking, followed by the remaining $500 21 days prior to your event date.

Event organizers booking a date less than 21 days away will be charged 100% of their total invoice at the time of booking.

13.     How can I be sure that my payment details are secure?


Roll To never stores payment details. All payments on Roll To are handled through Stripe, one of the world’s leading online payment providers, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

All data transferred is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and integral.

You can read more about Stripe's security practices here.

14.     What is the Roll To Cancellation Policy?


We developed the Roll To cancellation policy to provide flexibility for event organizers while also providing security for our vendors.

Once an event booking is confirmed by a vendor and payment made by the event organizer, the following cancellation and refund rules apply.  

The vendor is entitled to a portion of their payout depending on when the event organizer cancels the booking. In all cancellations, Roll To retains our standard fees.

All of this is outlined as follows:

Cancellation Date - Within 48 hours of first booking payment
Event Organizer Refund -
100% of first booking payment
Vendor Payout -
No payout

Cancellation Date - After 48 hours of first booking payment (50% of event total), but more than 21 days before start of event
Event Organizer Refund -
No refund of first booking payment, remaining balance of event payment cancelled
Vendor Payout -
35% of total event booking amount

Cancellation Date - After 48 hours of booking payment (100% of event total), and less than 21 days before start of event
Event Organizer Refund -
No refund of total booking payment
Vendor Payout -
50% of total event booking amount  

Refunds to event organizers will only apply when a cancellation has been made.

Please pay careful attention to the cancellation policy before completing a booking request so you are aware of the refunds eligible in the event of a cancellation.

Refunds to event organizers and payouts to vendors will be processed within 7 days of the date that the original booking was to take place.

For full details on our cancellation policy, including details related to vendor-initiated cancellations, please familiarize yourself with our latest Terms of Service.

15.     What do I do if an event goes badly?


Roll To is a peer-to-peer platform based on professionalism, easy communication, and trust.  

Event organizers and mobile bar owners rely on these benefits each time they use the service.  

In the rare incident of disputes between parties, professional communication and trust goes a long way toward reaching a fast and mutually agreeable solution.

Please contact us immediate via our contact form to begin a dispute process.

Roll To will work with both parties to come to an amicable solution based on the facts and evidence provided.

16.     Can I get a mobile bar owner’s phone number or email address?


Roll To has a messaging feature built right into the platform to make it as simple as possible for users to communicate with one another.

We ask that all pertinent communication remains within our messaging service so that we can assist in any dispute or if an issue arises.  

We do not give out any personal information about either party for safety and security reasons. Roll To is not liable for any losses or harm sustained as a result of sharing personal or sensitive information between users or communication/interactions between users outside of the platform.

17.     When will I be charged for my booking?


Event organizers booking a date more than 21 days away will be charged 50% of their total invoice at the time of booking, and the final 50% balance at the 21 days to event mark.

E.g. If you are quoted a total invoice price of $1000, you will pay $500 at the time of booking, followed by the remaining $500 21 days prior to your event date.

Event organizers booking a date less than 21 days away will be charged 100% of their total invoice at the time of booking.  

The Roll To cancellation and refund policy takes effect at the point of payment and confirmed booking. Please see more details above.

18.     Do I have to have an account to message a mobile bar owner?


Yes, you will need to sign up to the Roll To platform in order to submit event details and message a mobile bar owner.

19.     What do I do if a mobile bar owner is unresponsive?


Although Roll To vendors are typically quick to respond, you may run into a scenario where a mobile bar is unresponsive for some reason.

If a mobile bar does not respond to an event request, we suggest attempting to book with a different vendor.

After a booking is confirmed, if a mobile bar owner does not respond to your message for some reason, please reach out to Roll To Support and we’ll contact the host on your behalf.

20.     Why should I keep my bookings on Roll To rather than going off-platform?


We consider our relationship with our users to be mutually beneficial and based on shared trust. Taking a booking conversation off of the Roll To platform is a violation of our Terms of Service which are in place to ensure a secure and positive experience for all of our users.

Making payment outside of Roll To voids the protections outlined in our Terms of Service, cancellation policies and Roll To’s ability to assist in the dispute resolution process. Event organizers who violate this policy will be removed from the community.

We have established these policies to help protect our users from fraud, potential risk, and other liabilities. By keeping payment and messaging on the platform, we can help ensure your security.

If a mobile bar owner tries to make a transaction outside of the platform, please let us know immediately.

In our Terms of Service we ask mobile bar owners to refrain from directing clients off the platform using contact details or URLs as this undermines our business model and reduces the security of the site.

By making a booking through the Roll To platform you also benefit from:

·       A secure record of all communication with your vendor should a dispute arise
·       Safe, secure payments
·       A platform-wide cancellation policy and assistance with dispute resolution
·       Automatic invoicing and payment notifications
·       Automatic review gathering after bookings

21.     How do I cancel a booking?


To decline an event quote, simply click on the button titled ‘Decline offer’.

If you have already made payment but would like to cancel you booking, please reach out to our support team immediately who will be on hand to assist.

Contact us here.

22.     What do I do if a mobile bar cancels my booking?


Please reach out to our support team immediately who will be on hand to assist in the unlikely situation that a vendor cancels.  Contact us here.

23.     What is Roll To’s dispute resolution policy?


As an event organizer, if you are experiencing any issues before, during or after an event, please contact us immediately.

Registering a dispute will freeze any payment transactions for a window of up to 7 days during which time we will ask both the event organizer and vendor to provide evidence.

If an event organizer feels a vendor has behaved inappropriately, Roll To will take due measures to ensure this is resolved.

Still have questions? Please contact us directly