Introducing: Simply Staging Mobile Bars

A quick-fire interview with Megan Grabitz, owner of a mobile bar company that offers six stunning vehicle options. Whatever your event, they have an offering that will make drinks service a whole lot cooler.

We would place a sizable bet that there aren’t many garages in America that contain two horse trailers, a former Westcoaster Mailster, a 1947 Ford trailer and a 1957 Cushman Trucker.

We’d be absolutely positive that there’s just the one garage that has converted all of those vehicles into an amazing collection of mobile bars.

Given our affection for vintage vehicles, even more so when they’re capable of serving up beer, wine and cocktails, we couldn’t wait to have a conversation with Megan Grabitz, the brains behind this mobile bar dream team.

In the midst of building bar number six(!) - a prohibition inspired flatbed truck - Megan was able to take a break from her busy schedule to join us for a quick fire round of questions.

We were lucky enough to learn more about her background, challenges of the industry and, of course, her eclectic taste in wheels.


"Simply Unstabled" - A roaming horse box bar

Megan, first of all, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today! To kick things off, what's your background and what inspired you to start your own mobile bar business?

"I have 20 plus years in the wedding industry.

I used to stage and decorate for weddings which is how I came to make my bars.

I live out in the country, and I was sick of seeing ugly bars at weddings.

The bar is the most visited location at an event!

The lack of great options inspired me to create something truly beautiful."

"Simply Spirits" - A second roaming horse box bar

Have you taken an active role in building your mobile bars?

"I have built every bar myself!

They truly are a part of me, and managing the design process is one of my favorite things to do.

Five bars later and I still have plenty of ideas for future mobile bar builds."

"Simply Tapped"  a former Westcoaster Mailster, now serving as a mobile tap truck

What have you enjoyed most about running your business? Any favorite milestones or steps of the journey so far?

"As I come up on 6 years in the mobile bar business, I never get tired of meeting the people we serve and I don't think that I ever will.

I love meeting new people and I especially love when people allow me to create craft cocktails for them!"

"TukTuk" - a 1957 Cushman trucker turned tap truck

What has been your biggest challenge in launching and running your mobile bar business?

"Well, I love a good challenge, but for me the hardest thing is letting go and trusting my staff.

With five mobile bars currently running, having a great team of staff is a must!"

"I never get tired of meeting the people we serve and I don't think that I ever will"

What are your upcoming plans for the business and what are you most looking forward to this year?

"I am currently working on bar number six!

It is my most difficult bar build to date but we can't wait to introduce 'The Bootlaker'!

This build is a nod to prohibition, which has always fascinated me, as well as the Great Lakes.

Plus, who doesn't love some of the 1920s cocktails that, thankfully, are having a resurgence?

We can't wait for you all to see him, as this has been our biggest project to date!"

"Simply Hitched" - A 1947 Ford trailer serving as a mobile satellite bar

Definitely looking forward to the roll out of The Bootlaker! Finally, what is your 2023/24 availability?

"We have just started to book for 2024, with limited availability for 2023, so please reach out quick!

We'd love to hear about your event and provide an amazing mobile bar option for you and your guests!"

Thank you Megan! We'll let you get back to work on The Bootlaker, and hopefully to enjoy  a craft cocktail or two!

Roll To makes it easier than ever to contact mobile bar owners and book their services for your next event.

You can reach out to Megan and discuss her epic fleet of mobile bar options for your next celebration via her Roll To profile right here.

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