Introducing: The Horseshoe Bar

Check out our interview with Lauren Lundquist; corporate event planner, wedding organizer, mobile bar owner, and social media star!

When we feature mobile bar owners here on Roll To, we're always intrigued to hear about the varied mix of experiences which make up the backgrounds of our interviewees.

We've spoken with men and women from across the country, some with little or no exposure to events and catering, others with a long resumé of corporate or private party planning behind them.

Each entrepreneur uses that life experience to bring something uniquely special to their own mobile business.

Lauren Lundquist, owner of The Horseshoe Bar, is no exception.

A career in organizing events within the television industry, followed by a stint as a California wedding planner led her to take the reigns of her own bar on wheels.

From tackling the painting, staining, and sanding of an old horse trailer herself, to navigating a pandemic hit market, Lauren has seen it all.

Now a five-year industry veteran, she's grown her reputation by providing top quality service whilst projecting a distinctly personal voice on social media (seriously, check out The Horseshoe Bar Instagram account for hilarious mobile bar memes, creative short videos, and epic photoshoots).

So, in her own words, here's Lauren's story, including plenty of inspiration for wherever you are in your mobile bar journey.

Hey Lauren, thanks for chatting with us, it's great to catch-up! Going back to the start, what was the process like buying and building out your mobile bar?

"I purchased my two-horse trailer from a rancher who was selling it on good old Craigslist.

After creating my own design for the bar, I had the bar hatch opening created by a welder then I set out to sand and paint the body, add and stain wood trim, refinish the wood floors, install a copper tile ceiling, and add a built-in sink, counter, and beer tower."

A master of presentation, Lauren's bar looks wonderful dressed up or dressed down

What's your background and who or what inspired you to initially start your business?

"After working as an Event Planner for CBS Television, I relocated from Hollywood to Sacramento where I continued as an Event Planner in the wedding industry.  

When I saw a lack of creative mobile bar options in the Sacramento area, I decided to create one myself by converting a vintage two-horse trailer into Sacramento's first mobile bar company.

I wanted to provide a great bar option that had character and brought unique charm."

"I just love being a part of people's biggest celebrations and milestones!"

A mobile bar that comes with plenty of wedding planning experience

What have you enjoyed most about running your mobile bar business? And what's been your biggest challenge?

"I just love being a part of people's biggest celebrations and milestones!

I always hear such positive feedback of how much people love the bar and it's great to see my vision being enjoyed and appreciated by others.

My biggest challenge has been to limit the number of bookings I can take.

I hate turning down clients once I'm already booked!"

Picture-perfect cocktails

"I wanted to provide a great bar option that had character and brought unique charm."

Custom decor means that this horse trailer bar can be called on for any occasion

What are your upcoming plans for the business and what are you most looking forward to this year?

"We're celebrating our fifth year in business and I still love and look forward to every single event!

Each one is a new, unique opportunity to help people celebrate.

We are available and taking bookings for all types of events so reach out to let us know what you're planning!"

Trendy furniture, barware and lighting complete the beautiful bar package

Amazing, thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world Lauren!

Wishing you all the best with the next chapters in your mobile bar story!

Serving throughout Sacaremento and surrounding areas, you can contact and book The Horseshoe Bar, or Lauren's smaller (but no less impressive!) umbrella bar cart, via her Roll To profile, here!

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