Introducing: A Lil Somethin' Sweet

Cocktail service, tasty confectionery and vintage vehicles. Read how owner Kendall is building a sweet fleet of mobile bars.

I’d wager that there aren’t too many homes in the US that have a vintage Shasta caravan, a converted horse trailer AND a classic Cushman scooter sitting in the same garage. But for Kendall Lee, owner and operator of A Lil Somethin’ Sweet, these vehicles are the three pillars of her successful mobile bar business.

Kendall first began hosting events from her refurbished Shasta camper, ‘Nicky’, in 2018. The caravan doubles up as both a cocktail and dessert bar, serving everything from spicy margaritas and signature cocktails to donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and coffee (take a look at Instagram to see some of the mouthwatering, homemade treats Kendall serves up).

The camper’s iconic silhouette and striking white body paint really stand out from the crowd. The bar is also easy to personalize in line with the theme of your event. Add matching stylish lounge furniture, a balloon garland, or custom signage to really make the aesthetics your own.

A classic camper with contemporary style

At the end of 2019, Kendall’s mobile bar inventory doubled when her horse trailer bar, 'Miley', was towed into town. She and her husband once again set to work on sanding, painting, and upgrading what was a rusty old box into a beautiful mobile cocktail and desserts bar.

Miley's exterior went from a rusty, dirty turquoise to a clean, monochromatic color scheme that matches its larger sibling. And just as with the Shasta camper, the horse trailer bar cleverly mixes modern luxury with vintage charm.

Horse trailer bar Miley looking super sleek

The final member of the Lil Somethin’ Sweet fleet is 'Monty', a vintage Cushman scooter, converted into a whimsical dessert trailer on wheels. Arriving at the end of 2021, Monty is bursting with American heritage and ready to deliver sweet treats at all types of events.

Painted in a sleek jet black, the scooter’s cargo bed has cleverly been repurposed as a sunken freezer to keep your iced goodies cold. When covered up, the freezer box becomes an attractive serving or welcome station. Perfect for beverages, ice cream service, dipped bananas, and anything else you need to keep cold for your guests, Monty is practical and pretty.

When their hands aren’t full with tasty confectionery, guests are sure to be taking selfies alongside this slice of American history.

Did a coffee & ice cream serving station ever look so good?

Each of the Lil Somethin' Sweet bars were converted by Kendall and her husband themselves and the attention to detail really shows. Neon signs, pretty glassware, green plants, bronze lighting, trendy furniture and flower arrangements are delightful finishing touches to each of the mobile bars.

The interiors of each mobile bar are also tastefully decorated with white walls and black accents. Large windows let in plenty of light and allow guests to be served from all angles.

We caught up with owner Kendall to ask her more about the origins of her mobile bar business and what her plans are for the future of A Lil Somethin’ Sweet.

Hey Kendall, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Firstly, who or what inspired you to start your mobile bar business?

I've always worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry and loved it but decided I wanted to branch out and do something on my own. At the time there weren't many mobile bars in my area, especially ones that offer both craft cocktail and dessert services. I talked to my husband about the opportunity and he ultimately pushed me to pull the trigger (I was scared to death!). He's also the one who helped me build all of my carts.

Add stylish furniture to enhance your event

Amazing, starting your own business must have been a big leap of faith. What have you enjoyed most about the journey?

Honestly, I love all aspects of running my own business. Don't get me wrong, it’s a ton of work but so rewarding to look back and see how far I've come. I love connecting with my clients and going above and beyond to make sure the day is exactly how they envisioned.

Looking at the photos and some of the reviews and comments on your Instagram page, it looks like you definitely achieve that! What’s coming up next for A Lil Somethin’ Sweet?:

Each year I have added to my fleet, and I may or may not keep adding. I now have two trailer bars and a Cushman Truckster dessert/ice cream cart. Ultimately, I want to continue the 'small business' aspect of A Lil Somethin' Sweet because I believe it is much more personal. I am at every event and help every client with the planning process which I feel is a very important part of being a business owner.

For sure. How is your calendar looking for bookings right now?

I am booked up for my 2022 season! But we're currently booking for 2023 and looking forward to a busy and fun year ahead!

Great stuff and congrats on a fully booked year! Thanks so much for speaking with us and good luck with whatever comes next!

Based in Sonoma County, CA, this mobile bar is sure to make an impression as sweet as its desserts. Kendall offers clients bespoke and custom curated services for a wide range of celebrations including weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, tastings and more.

Alongside wine, beer and cocktails, a variety of confectionery can be made available.

So there you have it folks, if you're looking for a mobile bar service that's both unique and tasty, look no further than A Little Somethin' Sweet. And if you really want to push the boat out, why not book all three :)

Contact Kendall at A Lil Somethin' Sweet here

Follow A Lil Somethin' Sweet on Instagram here

Horse trailer bar Miley dressed up and ready to serve

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