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Well + Roam Mobile Bar

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Hey there! We are the mobile bar business​,​ Well + Roam. Our vintage style trailer is known as Coco​,​ and cruises around the east coast of Florida.   Besides serving delicious drinks​,​ we really enjoy styling for each event and getting to know all of the guests! We're stoked that you're here to explore our mobile bar service! We take a fresh approach to styling + serving your special occasion. Weddings​,​ engagements​,​ birthdays​,​ showers…corporate events - we’re here for them all! Our crew understands your celebration needs to be memorable​,​ personalized​,​ + most importantly stress free! We're here to provide a unique + flavorful way to entertain your guests. Well + Roam would love to be there for you on these days of all days! We arrive to your outdoor event with Coco​,​ our custom watering hole on wheels. Fully stocked with everything needed to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. Coco is the perfect addition to your special event​,​ adding that unique touch of charm and creativity. Her neutral pallet allows her to slip into any theme or style. When it comes to what’s stocked in our well​,​ we consider all the goods that can come in a cup! Our handcrafted cocktails will give your guests something to gush over + get your dance floor poppin! We source local ingredients + fresh mixes. No sugar junk here! Are you more of a beer and wine gang? We can do that too! We proudly work with local breweries + distilleries. Once we have your date in the books​,​ we sit down together to taste + design your custom menu! You may choose something off our menu or pick your own! Either way​,​ we’re here to make it memorable. Coco will arrive on-site with our professional bar staff​,​ who are passionate about great service​,​ providing you with all your bar needs + creating the right vibe for your event. Due to state laws​,​ we are not permitted to provide the alcohol​,​ but no worries​,​ we’re here to make the process easy + breezy.   We will assist you in the amount needed + even source out the best selection for you.   Coco’s main purpose in life is to give you + your guests an unforgettable time! First thing to consider is in fact that Coco is right for your event. By that we mean​,​ we require an outdoor setting​,​ + enough space to pull in​,​ + set up. Coco is 16´ long + wide. We can provide our own generated power + water supply if need be. Venues located within Volusia County are included in the packages; however​,​ we love our neighbors + we’re willing to roam for an additional fee.   If all this sounds well + good​,​ lets get ya going… Packages include: - 4 hours of service - 2 certified bartenders - liquor liability insurance - generated power + water - travel within Volusia County - seasonal décor + hang area - drink menu planning + tasting ahead of your event Explore what we have to offer​,​ get to know us a lil better​,​ and contact us when you are ready to tell us all about your dream celebration!

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