Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar

Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar

Owned by Eliana C

About this mobile bar

We are a restored vintage horse trailer turned mobile bar that offers onsite bartending service for any event type. The Tipsy Mule will trot right over to your venue​,​ “dresses to impress” stirring up drinks and good times​,​ your guests will be so impressed and wowed by our bar and cocktails. We are super versatile and can go from fancy to rustic depending on your theme and event type. Whether it’s an adult cocktail party​,​ or a kids mocktail gathering​,​ we have you covered. Our drinks are based on your taste and necessity​,​ our decor is always on point with your theme. We are a husband and wife team​,​ with years of experience in the wedding​,​ events and beverage industry. What started as a hobby and a fun project turned into a true calling and full time adventure! Rehearsal Dinners + Weddings Looking for something unique to add to your special day?   Our Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar travels to wherever your event is to provide cocktails or beverages to your guests. Let us design a craft cocktail especially for your event or supply your guests with non-alcoholic beverages like water​,​ lemonade and more! Private Parties + Events Community events​,​ fundraisers​,​ birthday parties​,​ and more The Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar can be dressed to impress for any occasion!   Whether we are serving up craft cocktails​,​ or non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade or water​,​ we’d love to share in your event to entertain your guests. Satellite Bar Service Space too small for the Tipsy trailer?   Our satellite bar can fit anywhere the Tipsy Mule bar cannot.   It comes “dressed to impress” just like our mobile bar. Add this bar to any of our other services or book it alone for your big or small event.   Professional Bartenders Have the venue and drinks​,​ but need a bartender?   TIPs certified​,​ our skilled bartenders know the liability and safety necessary to serve alcohol. Our bartenders have years of experience in events and wedding bar service​,​ and they keep everyone happy​,​ ensuring a great time. Craft Cocktail Creation Craft cocktails are our speciality! With years of upscale bartending experience​,​ our team can help you create a custom cocktail menu for your event - complete with glasses​,​ garnishes and more. Let’s work together to turn your favorite liquor or drink into a cocktail your guests will love. Let us take care of all your event needs. Enjoy some delicious cocktails while we stir up the fun!

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