Les Deux, Mobile Espresso Bar

Les Deux​,​ Mobile Espresso Bar

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Owned by Kami W

About this mobile bar

As a mobile coffee cart​,​ Les Deux provides a traditional espresso-based menu on the go! Whether it’s for a private event or a pop-up at your favorite farmer’s market​,​ our well crafted beverages and energy are there for you wherever you are. The modern coffee shop is still representative of café society; sparkling​,​ eclectic people commune​,​ share their thoughts​,​ and form bonds. It’s the only place people as vastly different and startling similar could find one another​,​ people like the two of us. Getting a good cup of coffee feels like it still has a strong connection with the past; where quality​,​ craftsmanship​,​ and good taste were esteemed over what was common or easy. We believe those things satisfy the soul​,​ and that beauty is something we need in our daily life. So if we can give people a beautiful moment—that first sip of a cappuccino or a bit of tantalizing conversation—we know we have done our job well. It is our duty​,​ our service to you. We look forward to hearing more about your event and working with you to provide incredible mobile coffee catering!

Catering Options

  • Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Mocktails

  • Hot beverages

  • Food (provided by event organizer)

  • Photo prop (guests to remain outside of vehicle)

Service Options

  • Bar staff included

Locations Served

As Standard

PA - Pittsburgh


Affogatos, Pastries, Treats

Personalized Menu

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