Hello, I'm Corah M.

Moab is the only place I have ever called home. I live here with my boyfriend and our naughty beagle puppy. I love my guys so much and they mean everything to me! Being born and raised here in these red rocks has given me so much appreciation for the place I call home. I love Moab, and I love connecting with those who share the same appreciation for this beautiful place. I started Moab Photo Booth Co. in February of 2022. I was still In college, living in Salt Lake City, and had just got my real estate license. It was a busy Winter/Spring to say the least! I do pretty much everything here on my own (I definitely recruit some help when it comes to dropping the trailer off.) I have designed every part of the website, all social media, all emails, and every event! If you ever call or send an email, you will definitely be talking to me! I would be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of support with all of this. I always knew that one day I would own my business. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs- of course I was going to do the same. My mom is a top selling real estate agent in Moab, my dad a premier private chef. I am very fortune to have some pretty amazing people to teach me about the business world! I was able to experience the photo booth trailer as a guest at my moms wedding In 2021. It was the BEST part of her wedding. We got pictures back within days. Over 300 pictures of all our closest family and friends having the best time! Using the photo booth at her wedding is one of my favorite memories of all time. I believe everyone deserves something so unique on their special day!

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