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Turn Key Horse Trailer & Bar Cart Company For Sale!



Turn key mobile beverage catering company for sale.

Our star of the show is Bonnie the Bar cart, a horse trailer mobile bar.

This business also includes 2 champagne carts, a WINE bar, and a GIN bar!

Also included in the sale is all current inventory, including but not limited to:

- 2 ice chests
- Tow dolly
- Air compressor
- Co2 tank
- Generator - on & off shore power
- Kegging supplies
- Large galvanized drink tubs
- All bartending supplies
- 10 (5) gallon water containers
- Glass ware
- Plastic drink ware
- 6 insulated 5-gallon hot beverage containers
- 1 2-gallon and 1 4-gallon coffee percolators
- 150 glass champagne flutes
- An industrial lemon wedges
- A lemon compressed smasher
- plus much much more.

The bar cart has been approved in my city by the health department.

You can sell non alcoholic beverages at public events.

We currently sell lemon smash-ups, hot coffee, and hot cocoa.

The ideas are limitlesss.

We also have about 13 flavors on hand for lemonade, and 10-11 for coffee that will be included.

Bonnie the Bar Cart can also be used as a “food truck”.

Find your favorite spot, and start tomorrow!

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