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Mobile Bar & Bartending Business For Sale!



Southwest Sips Mobile Bar & Bartending business is for sale!

Our main attraction, the trailer bar, was completed in May 2022 and has been a hit ever since.

The trailer is complete with:

- interior lights and switch panel with USB port

- greenery photo backdrop with a neon "Cheers" sign,

- four-tap kegerator with all supplies needed (air tank, beer and air line, regulator, couplers, etc),

- nice black sink with a super quiet pump

- simple plumbing system (makes cleaning and refilling a breeze)

- water heater

- electrical inlet on the exterior to power kegerator and interior outlets with 120-V (heavy duty extension cord provided)

- 12V-DC battery to power lights and water pump

- beautiful live-edge wood piece with epoxy for bar top (almost every customer comments on it)

- new latch on back gate

The trailer bar has been approved by the Coconino County Health Department.

Included in the sale is our modular bar with multiple siding and countertop options to match the theme / vibe of the event.

This bar is a huge hit with clients who don't have the budget or space for the trailer at their event.

Our bartenders say it is PERFECT to serve from!

We also have connections in town and listings on various vendor sites that provide some bartending-only leads.

Other inventory included in the sale:

- 150-qt ice chest

- chalkboard sandwich board

- kegging supplies

- two beautiful glass (2.5 gallon) drink dispensers

- bartending supplies

- logo stamp

- hot cocoa supplies (sauces and powder mixes)

- large water and coffee boiler/dispenser

- small espresso machine with milk steamer

- four-tap kegerator (not every event has kegs, but we use the fridge at every event)

- money bag and Square card reader

We've done lots of work to keep leads coming and business running smoothly.

Included in the sale is:

- multi-page website with contact form integrated with Honeybook

- Honeybook Project Management software built out with proposal, contract, email, and invoice templates

- Click-Up (project management software) set up for tracking finances, events, employees, and all other business-related information

- Instagram and Facebook pages

- Listings on Zola and Yelp (generates leads every month)

- Relationship with local alcohol vendor to get brides bulk discount on alcohol purchase

Our typical clientele is brides planning a wedding within the upcoming year.

With weddings, we coordinate alcohol order with a local supplier but do not purchase the alcohol because we are not licensed to SELL it.

We act as the servers of the alcohol at these events, not the providers.

You can, however, sell non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, mocktails, coffees, and hot cocoa at public and private events.

In the first year of operating, we have accomplished fully booked-out months during the wedding season with little-to-no advertising efforts.

The value of all bookings within 8 months of opening was $14.8k.

We absolutely love this business and the trailer that we put hundreds of hours into building, but we need to focus on our careers and simplify our schedules as we also plan to start a family soon!

Please reach out with any questions and we are happy to discuss more details!

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