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Custom Built AeroBar Mobile Bar [SOLD]



2020 Custom Built AeroBar Mobile Bar

Fully functioning + ready to keep working!

I have been using it both as a mobile bar and as a mobile plant/decor boutique.

Can easily operate as a coffee shop as well.  

16ft x 8ftx 9ft.

The trailer itself is steel, wood and aluminum siding.

We recently had the trailer tongue rebuilt to be stronger and safer.  

All running and brake lights work perfectly.

There are 3 opening windows (front, rear and serving).

The front and rear are glass.

The main serving window is wood.  

The rear window has been used for a 3rd bartender for larger events.  

A 3 compartment sink is stationed in the front section, under the window.  

Water is stored in a large fresh water tank under the sink.

Sink is operated by a pump and hot water heater.

Grey water tank is located under the trailer.

Drainage pipe has easy access.

The electrical has a 50amp service, which I usually power by a generator.  

The generator is not included in the sale, but I can recommend the one we are happy with.

There is recessed lighting inside the trailer, as well as 5 outlets. We run everything from lighting, fans, blenders from these with no issues.

The workspace inside is custom built and easy to function in.

The countertops wrap around a large majority, providing comfortable prep, serving and storage space.  

There are shelves for both bottle and cup storage above the service window.

The main service window is 7ft long.

A ice well is centered in that section, with space on each side for a bartender.  

We use large Igloo coolers, which fit perfectly on each side as well.  

There is a large storage cabinet along the rear wall.

This wall is one of the first things guests see when they approach the window.

Authentic grass cloth wallpaper covers the entire back wall.

There are 2 cherry wood open shelves.

They function as display and setting decor.  

It has charm and adapts easy to different themes.

Overall the style of this bar is light + earthy with an island feel.

If you’re interested in hearing more, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

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