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Beautiful Converted Tuk Tuk Mobile Bar [SOLD]



Meet Ms. Tipsy, a Tuk Tuk, turned mobile bar!

She was purchased in 2021 and has made appearances at several weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more!

She has 4 taps that can fit 1/6 barrel kegs each.

If a drink can be kegged, it can be served - alcoholic, non-alcoholic cocktails, iced tea, kombucha etc.

Included with the sale of Ms. Tipsy are:

- 6.5 x 12 trailer with built in winch to easily load in

- 2 kegerators that fit perfectly in the back of Ms. Tipsy

- 2 nitrogen tanks and 3 C02 tanks

- All regulators for C02 and Nitrogen

- 4 corny kegs with lids

- Full transfer of social media and client database

- Ms. Tipsy herself!

The Tipsy Tuk Tuk is a registered trademark and included with the sale are full rights to that trademark.

Everything you need to begin your mobile bar business straight away!

Fully electric and can be used to serve at indoor or outdoor venues.

Opportunities to customize decor to match event themes are endless.

This mobile tap truck is always the star of the show!

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