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Thirst Mobile Bar

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Hey there! We’re Kenny and Chelsea​,​ the owners of Thirst Mobile Bar. Thirst focuses on high end mocktails to serve your event and guests with a unique and upscale experience. We’re striving to create The Mocktail Movement. So often​,​ we’ve seen friends and family who don’t drink alcohol​,​ at an event and left with minimal options of beverages​,​ such as: soda​,​ juice or juice boxes. We’re here to change that! Goodbye to the days of standing out​,​ and hello to inclusive bar atmospheres. Stand out by blending in! Our signature mocktails will have everyone talking. Based out of Fort Worth​,​ Texas​,​ we combine traditional beverages with fresh fruits​,​ tonics and liquors for a new twist on old classics. We prepare each mocktail to be Instagram worthy. Though we do focus on mocktails​,​ all our drinks can be made into alcoholic drinks when you provide the booze.   We operate our two bars: the 1966 Shasta trailer and a satellite bar. The smaller satellite bar top is great for small or indoor spaces​,​ or smaller groups of people. Upgrades include: - Two-tank margarita machine - Glassware rental - TV - livestreams games​,​ shows​,​ music​,​ or presentations - Lawn games - Second bar - Extra bartenders - Travel past our service area Thirst is a proud Veteran-Owned business and love serving those who served. Contact us today to discuss your event package and bar service options!

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