The Pedaling Parlor

The Pedaling Parlor

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We are an ice cream trike rental company serving the Southern California area. We are a family owned business ready to make your party or event just a little bit sweeter.   We have hand crafted fruit popsicles and traditional ice cream bars and treats​,​ all available to be customized for your guests to enjoy out of our self-serving original vintage ice cream trike! Our packages are completely customizable. Feel free to mix and match between each package. 48-72 treats: up to 3 flavors 108-144+ treats: up to 4 flavors OUR PACKAGES Parlor Popsicles - always the crowd favorite! Our pops are delivered to you icy cold with bites of fresh fruit in them and come in a variety of milk and water based flavors which include; coconut​,​ strawberries and cream​,​ mango​,​ watermelon​,​ pomegranate-cherry​,​ pineapple​,​ berry-hibiscus​,​ mango-chile and coffee. ‍O.G.'s - just as their name suggests these are your favorite classics making a comeback and for good reason. All ready to enjoy in their original packaging​,​ your blast from the past classics include; strawberry shortcake bar​,​ fudge bar​,​ rocket pop​,​ crunch bar​,​ original cookie ice cream sandwich. (some of our treats are available in clear packaging and not their original​,​ make sure to just ask us!) Scoops - Leave the messy scooping to us! With the scoops package your ice creams will be delivered individually scooped and pre-packaged​,​ spoon and lid included! For your guests to grab right out of our ice cream trike. You and your guests get to enjoy the ice cream parlor experience right at your fingertips! Flavors include; Vanilla​,​ Chocolate​,​ Rocky Road​,​ Strawberry​,​ Pistachio​,​ Cookies and Cream​,​ and Cotton Candy. DETAILS Give us all the details! This is what makes The Pedaling Parlor different from the rest! Each ice cream trike setup is as unique and special as the party itself. Mix and match your treats in each package​,​ add custom labels that match the theme of your party​,​ add an umbrella​,​ add our wood flower box to put your own flower arrangement in​,​ or add a personalized dessert sign to any of your packages for us to create a one of a kind set up for you and your guests to experience. DELIVERY AND PICK UP Leave it to us! We'll show up to your event location and set up our ice cream trike fully stocked with your custom ordered ice creams ready for you to enjoy. No need for an attendant! Our trike is completely self-serve. When your event is over we will come and pick it up! Making it easy like sun-DAE mornin' ;)

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