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The Betty Bar

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About this mobile bar

Where did this crazy dream begin?   Interestingly enough it started with a conversation between me and my​,​ then in high school​,​ nephew Garrett. I'm Christy. A corporate event manager for more than 20 years. Garrett and I were discussing marketing​,​ and his homework assignment of a business plan.   He was more than eager to use my mobile bar idea​,​ but it just didn't seem appropriate for high school marketing (LOL).   What I’ll never be forget is when he asked me....."If this bar is your dream Auntie​,​ why don't you just build one?" Thinking that there's no better time to set a good example​,​ we agreed right then to build a bar! Along with my niece Regan (only 15 at the time) we found a lifeless little 1963 Scotsman trailer online and opened the door to a new business!   We are lucky to have access to a master fabricator​,​ my brother Patrick who eagerly took on the project.   Many friends and almost every member of our family has put sweat equity in the bar.   It took almost two years to completely overhaul this charming trailer.   It was a complete rebuild and 100% worth it.   We built the company as the trailer came together​,​ and from day one we called the trailer Betty.   Why? Because she was cute​,​ chic​,​ fun​,​ and everyone loves her….just like our sweet Grandma Betty.   So​,​ the first trailer was named Betty​,​ and The Betty Bar Company was ready to roll! Betty has two windows open for service and she's equipped with a dual tap keg system.   Betty is petite enough to fit indoors! From weddings to corporate events​,​ to photo shoots​,​ and private parties Betty’s charm provides the perfect character and function for any event! And best of all ….she’s mobile! The Betty Bar Company provides a cocktail catering service for weddings​,​ private parties​,​ business functions​,​ promotional name it we can cater it! If you're looking for vintage elegance and style​,​ then our 1963 Scotsman is the perfect bar for you.   For corporate happy hours and private parties​,​ our BIG E bar truck will get your party started! Big E was designed to roll up and serve!   This charming bar truck opens for 2 sided service and is equipped with a Kegerator and a refrigerator. Beyond our amazing bars​,​ all services include an experienced team that covers every detail for your event​,​ so you don't worry about a thing! Prior to your event we work with you to create the perfect menu​,​ taste some creative cocktails made with only the freshest ingredients​,​ and outline every detail for your dream event.   Then the Betty Bar team takes it from there. ‍On the day of your event we tow in​,​ set up​,​ work the event​,​ clean it up​,​ and pack it out when you’re done!   Betty is 100 % self contained. We supply the trailer​,​ bar staff​,​ and insurance; along with all the glassware​,​ ice​,​ drink dispensers and barware needed for the event. Betty is set up for beer on tap​,​ mixed drinks​,​ wine & champagne​,​ creative cocktails and mocktails.. Any questions or special requests? JUST ASK! We will do our best to accommodate whatever you're looking for. Fill out the contact form and let's chat about your event!

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