Stolen Pony Lounge

Stolen Pony Lounge

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The Stolen Pony Lounge  is a vintage 1974 restored 31ft Airstream Trailer mobile lounge for brand activations​,​ weddings​,​ experiential​,​ and private events. With a stylish neutral interior​,​ the Stolen Pony Lounge is a high-end blank canvas that can be customized for any event. For the re-design of this 1974 Airstream​,​ we crafted a Northwest Mid-Century aesthetic featuring gorgeous reclaimed Douglas Fir floors and accents​,​ vintage details and airy white walls and cabinetry throughout. Nineteen windows let in beautiful​,​ natural light and stunning views. The Airstream is broken up into three main areas. The front of the trailer features spacious lounge seating for up to fifteen people. The middle of the Trailer features counter space on either sides with one mini-fridge and two sink​/​ice wells​,​ perfect for displaying food and refreshments. The back of the trailer has more lounge seating for up to five people with an open area for clients to customize for their special event. The Airstream also features dimmable overhead lighting​,​ a bluetooth​/​CD​/​Ipod receiver sound system and AC. Use The Stolen Pony Lounge for: - VIP Lounges The Stolen Pony Lounge is the ultimate exclusive VIP space for your next event! It provides a comfortable and informal setting in a classy way. Create a combination of standing cocktail tables as well as seating outside of the trailer for an even more impactful VIP area for your guests. - Green Room Need a chill space for artists to relax while waiting to appear on stage? The Stolen Pony Lounge is the perfect solution for your backstage build out. The trailer can be easily positioned near the stage at a concert venue and used as a green room for artists and guests. The lounge has curtains on all windows offering privacy for things like last-minute costume changes​,​ makeup checks and warm-up exercises. A mini fridge and two ice wells for snacks and drinks will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed before and after their performance. - Brand Activations The Stolen Pony Lounge is the ultimate mobile venue experience to help build relevant buzz around your brand. Whether it’s at a music festival or a high end sporting event​,​ you can show up anywhere and connect with whatever demographic you’re targeting with The Stolen Pony Lounge as your venue.   Pop-Up Shop The concept of pop-up shops have taken over the retail world. The temporary​,​ limited time experience feels exciting and engaging for the consumer. The Stolen Pony Lounge offers that special social experience and can “pop-up” just about anywhere! - Meeting Room Get your employees away from the office and into new surroundings to help see things in a different light and get those creative juices flowing. A change of scenery may be just what the team needs to spark some innovate ideas and solutions. The Stolen Pony Lounge offers a creative sanctuary for a productive and fun day out of the office! It’s the perfect meeting place for a corporate retreat to get work done in an unusual but comfortable environment. - Weddings When planning your wedding​,​ you’ll probably be thinking of ways to make it a truly unforgettable experience. The lounge adds a timeless uniqueness to your special occasion. Our modular venue can be used as the bride or groom’s suite pre-ceremony​,​ while also offering the ability to transform post-ceremony into a bar and lounge for the reception. - Photoshoots Vintage Airstreams continue to be featured in high-end fashion shoots and feature films as they have long communicated the essence of cool. Our Airstream offers backdrops of unique and timeless design inside and out. Rent the Stolen Pony Lounge for your next photoshoot! - Pop-Up Bar Start the party anywhere with a pop-up bar! The Stolen Pony Lounge features two sinks that can be used as ice wells to keep your drinks cool. The lounge also features a mini fridge and ample counter space to house spirits and drinkware. Get creative with the open space in the back​,​ and setup a free-standing bar with your own bartender to serve guests. Every event is unique!  Reach out to discuss yours and receive a custom quote today!

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