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Creature Coffee Co.

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Creature Coffee is a small-batch coffee roaster and coffee pop-up bar based in Austin​,​ Texas. Our expert baristas create amazing experiences with pop-up espresso bars at events​,​ weddings​,​ and corporate functions in Austin​,​ TX​,​ and surrounding areas. We're specialty coffee roasters and our experienced coffee catering team bring high-quality coffee to the people. No event is too small​,​ or too big for our team of coffee-making wizards.   Customize your cups​,​ bars​,​ signage​,​ latte art​,​ menu items... we can even do custom gifts. I mean​,​ who doesn't like receiving fresh beans from a local roaster?! Shoot us a message and lets see what we can do. We offer a variety of bag sizes​,​ coffee beans​,​ and other fun things for you to give away at your next event or to send around the country for Christmas. You see​,​ we love sharing specialty coffee with people. Introducing someone to the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted makes us smile a big smile. Not that commercially-roasted​,​ mass-produced stuff that’s been sat on the store shelves​,​ going stale. We mean high quality specialty coffee. Fresh out the roaster beans that are mouth-wateringly delicious​,​ sourced from some super skilled farmer dudes on the other side of the world growing some insanely tasty coffee varietals. We want to share their fruits​,​ and their story with you. And maybe possibly​,​ we’ll share a smile or two along the way. Tickled your fancy? Complete the contact form and Michael will get in touch asap. He's usually really nice!

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