Bee-Ella Fizz
Christeen C
Christeen C

Bee-Ella Fizz

Miami, Florida, United States

Owned by Christeen C

About this mobile bar

Meet Miss Bee-Ella-Fizz. She is a 3 tap Piaggio Ape50 we had shipped from near my husband's home in Italy. We lovingly transformed her in our garage into this little beauty. We love making custom cocktails to serve our clients on tap down here in sunny South Florida! We are Christeen and Franco. Growing up in Italy​,​ Franco has fond memories of these little scooters buzzing about throughout town.   Designed for use in the small streets and hillside farms that are so iconic to Italy​,​ the name​,​ Ape (pronounced “Ah-Pay”) means “Little Bee” in Italian. Since seeing these in Europe it was always in my mind that “We need one of these in the USA". Our little cart spent her life in a small town in the foothills of the Alps (in the village of Biella) where her one owner used to load huge jugs of wine as well as other materials for the family farm up and down the steep and narrow roads carved into the hillsides. She might be small​,​ but she is mighty! After shipping her here​,​ we painstakingly transformed her into the beauty you see today. We hope you enjoy are little Miss Bee-Ella and that she can make your event extra special with her presence! I worked in the event and wedding industry for 15 years and love making lasting memories at these events. When I see the beautiful decorations​,​ themes and planning I knew something like this would be the perfect addition for so many events! Her small size (4'w x 8'L x 60") means she can fit into most event spaces right through double doors! So she can be used indoors or outside! Let your event sparkle with her unique personality at your next event! Weddings: Let us make your special day EXTRA special. Be the talk of the town and give your guests something to Instagram about long after the event is done!   This buggy is showstopper that will make your guests say WOW!   ‍Showers: How about the cutest mimosa bar at your bridal or baby shower? Small enough to put in most backyards! ‍Corporate and Fundraising events: We can offer that something special to take your corporate event from unremarkable to unforgettable. We can work with you to create an unique guest experience.   ‍Mitzvah’s​,​ Quinces and Proms: How about sparkling Italian soda bar? Mocktails?   Add this to your teen​/​tween event and you have an insta-grammable hit! Lots of Non-alcoholic options too!   ‍Milestones: Wedding or Baby showers​,​ Anniversary or brunch with mimosas​,​ bellini’s or mocktails! She is a memorable and amazing addition to any event!   ‍Private Party: BBQs or a backyard bash​,​ add some fun to whatever fiesta you have planned!   ‍Photo Shoot: Just want some really awesome photos? She is available to rent as a prop with no beverage service. We have a full flower cart setup ready to go We provide the Bee-Ella Fizz buggy​,​ setup​,​ breakdown​,​ servers​,​ disposable cups​,​ napkins​,​ fruit Garnish​,​ basic decor​,​ hookup and service for one (up to two) keg(s) for up to 3 hours and signature menu planning ... so we are turnkey. We can also add packages that can be customized for your event. We LOVE prosecco and sparkling wines and ESPECIALLY creating custom his​/​hers themed cocktails. We have many cocktail choices and can customize beverages for your event. Bee-Ella is also happy to offer options to serve any other cold beverage through our two taps such as Beer​,​ Kombucha​,​ Lemonades​,​ Mocktails. We can design your PERFECT His​/​Hers cocktails ON TAP! Maybe a craft beer or perhaps a non-alcoholic Italian Soda? We have lots of bubbling options! Get in contact to discuss your mobile bar package. We would love to hear from you and serve at your next event!

Catering Options

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Cocktails

  • Mocktails

  • Photo prop (guests to remain outside of vehicle)

Service Options

  • Bar staff included

Locations Served

As Standard

FL - Miami

FL - Fort Lauderdale

FL - Boca Raton

FL - Palm Beach

FL - Hollywood

FL - Delray Beach

FL - Homestead

FL - Coral Gables

FL - Miami Beach

For Extra Travel Fee

FL - Naples

FL - Orlando

FL - Key West

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    Christeen C

    Hello, I'm Christeen C.

    We are Bee-Ella Fizz. We custom built our girl after finding her and shipping her to us in Florida. We love to provide custom, unique cocktails for your event.

    We are Bee-Ella Fizz. We custom built our girl after finding her and shipping her to us in Florida. We love to provide custom, unique cocktails for your event.