A Lil Somethin' Sweet

A Lil Somethin' Sweet

Owned by Kendall K

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Kendall first began hosting events from her refurbished Shasta camper​,​ ‘Nicky’​,​ in 2018. The caravan doubles up as both a cocktail and dessert bar​,​ serving everything from spicy margaritas and signature cocktails to donuts​,​ cupcakes​,​ cookies​,​ and coffee. The camper’s iconic silhouette and striking white body paint really stand out from the crowd. The bar is also easy to personalize in line with the theme of your event. Add matching stylish lounge furniture​,​ a balloon garland​,​ or custom signage to really make the aesthetics your own. At the end of 2019​,​ Kendall’s mobile bar inventory doubled when her horse trailer bar​,​ 'Miley'​,​ was towed into town. She and her husband once again set to work on sanding​,​ painting​,​ and upgrading what was a rusty old box into a beautiful mobile cocktail and desserts bar. Miley's exterior went from a rusty​,​ dirty turquoise to a clean​,​ monochromatic color scheme that matches its larger sibling. And just as with the Shasta camper​,​ the horse trailer bar cleverly mixes modern luxury with vintage charm. The final member of the Lil Somethin’ Sweet fleet is 'Monty'​,​ a vintage Cushman scooter​,​ converted into a whimsical dessert trailer on wheels. Arriving at the end of 2021​,​ Monty is bursting with American heritage and ready to deliver sweet treats at all types of events. Painted in a sleek jet black​,​ the scooter’s cargo bed has cleverly been repurposed as a sunken freezer to keep your iced goodies cold. When covered up​,​ the freezer box becomes an attractive serving or welcome station. Perfect for beverages​,​ ice cream service​,​ dipped bananas​,​ and anything else you need to keep cold for your guests​,​ Monty is practical and pretty. When their hands aren’t full with tasty confectionery​,​ guests are sure to be taking selfies alongside this slice of American history. Based in Sonoma County​,​ CA​,​ A Lil Somethin' Sweet Mobile Cocktails and Dessert Bar is a unique wedding beverage and sugary treat provider. Embellished with clean and whimsical decor​,​ this mobile bar is sure to make an impression as sweet as its desserts. Owner Kendall offers clients bespoke and custom curated services for a wide range of celebrations. A Lil Somethin' Sweet Mobile Cocktails and Dessert Bar is an ideal wedding addition. A Lil Somethin' Sweet customizes packages based on clients' needs. Available options include wine only​,​ full bar provisions​,​ or custom cocktails. Additionally​,​ a variety of confections can be served as scrumptious wedding treats. Paired with coffee​,​ these desserts can be self-serve or offered by owner Kendall herself.  

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